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The Owner

Hi, I'm Kelsey! I am the owner & head photographer of Lovefusion Photography.

I'm blessed with a loving husband, a kitty whom I adore & a plethora of interests. I love hiking with my husband, martial arts, playing music & singing, I'm crazy about animals, I'm absolutely fascinated by linguistics & other cultures...oh & [thanks to my hubby] I'm super nerdy (you'll see me rolling around in my limited edition Iron Man Hyundai, haha), so if you're into Star Wars, superheroes, etc., I'm sure we will get along just fine ;). What did I say about a plethora of interests?

I've been doing photography passionately for at least 13 years. Photography is truly my passion and I strive to be an artist and not just a girl with a camera.
I truly would love to provide you with quality photography and superb service! Don't hesitate to reach out! I strive to provide amazing customer service so I will get back to you asap.
Any talent I have is God given and I do this all to bring fame to His name!


Say hey to Sam! Sam is my main second shooter. Sam has been working with me for at least 10 years. Not only is Sam an excellent photographer, he is also very talented in videography. His creativity & friendly professionalism is what makes him such an essential part of my team and I am very blessed to have him working with me!  

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The meaning of the name "Lovefusion" is all about FUSING the LOVE of Jesus Christ, the Man who embodies love, into your whole experience. From the time spent with me to the photos themselves; my desire is for you to not only feel that Love, but also see it!


I am located in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania (yep! Good ol' historical, beautiful Gettysburg). There is no fee within 25 miles (less than 45 minutes away), BUT I will ABSOLUTELY travel further for an extra charge (Sessions: $50 for every extra half hour away. Weddings: $100 for over an hour - please refer to the wedding page for more details). Please contact me with any questions! 

Please bring us to your destination wedding! ;)


Statement of Faith

​Even though it may be uncomfortable, there are some things I am not willing to do because of my convictions & we kindly ask for your understanding. As a business that is operating on a biblical standard with biblical morals, we will not do shoots or weddings that would compromise those beliefs (please no nudity & couples outside of one man + one woman). It is not our intention to turn anyone away, but our obedience to our faith is first. By any means, this does not mean that we "fear" anyone and that we refuse to be around them, we are just not comfortable performing certain types of weddings/sessions. We believe every human has infinite worth and all are greatly loved!

If you are bothered by that, we understand that you may want to find someone else. You have the right to do so & practicing that is one of the things that makes the USA so great! If what you are looking for still "qualifies" (for lack of a better term!), we still would just love to work with you and provide you with fantastic & stunning photography and service!  Everyone is precious to us and your business means so much!! Your understanding and cooperation is greatly appreciated! 

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